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As a speaker

With a down-to-earth personality and style of her own, Shaneil engages her audience when she begins to speak. A simple invitation to share her story in 2010 made a consequential impact and inspired many. Since then, Shaneil has emerged as a highly sought-after speaker in all arenas – Christian ministry, education, business, and civic events. She naturally flows with confidence and uses emotion to move the audience as she conveys a message. Shaneil radiates with sincerity regardless of the subject matter. Her willingness to cater to the needs of her listeners involves creative demonstrations, personal experiences, and memorable presentations.



"Our conference evaluations were overwhelmingly positive, with PJ being mentioned more than any other speaker. We will definitely invite her again!"

"Covid-19 left my teaching team drained and burnout. We knew who to call! The look on their faces afterward was a sure sign that Shaneil was exactly what we needed!"

"PJ was the featured speaker at our first National Convention. She absolutely blew everyone away! Our company is not faith-based, and she seamlessly delivered a speech that was powerful and poignant to a diverse audience. She was a true professional, and I highly recommend her to anyone looking for inspiration and empowerment!"

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